dZine is now Five!!

Using the latest low code technology from Five, we are stepping into the new era of developing applications and websites faster and easier. With the strong support from Five, we are able to continue to deliver world class web sites, handle all the requirements for web site delivery including graphic design and web programming as well as hosting on high speed servers.

Our highly skilled team of professionals will work with you to ensure your web site actively promotes your company to the world. dZine also has an active role in helping charities showcase their cause to the world which we delivery as a totally free service to deserving organisations. If we can assist you, or you know of someone who needs our help, please let us know through our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Kefford


Here are the core members of our professional team!
We share visions and ideas to better inspire and push our boundaries.

If you are interested in working with us, drop us an email dominic@five.co

Founder - Mark Kefford
Mark Kefford

Our founder Mark had been working on the software industry for over 30 years. After many years of success in the field, Mark decided to give back to the society. Therefore, dZine is founded with the idea of using technology for good and help a number of worthwhile charities alone the way.

Chief Technology Officer - Jason Anderssen
Jason Anderssen
Chief Technology Officer

Jason has been working in the IT industry for around 26 years across a number of different industries ranging from security work, 2D and 3D graphics programming, IOT, and now pretty much a full stack developer. Most of the time he has been working for Mark in a number of different startup companies, and so it continues. He enjoys programming as both a full-time career and also as a hobby in the spare time, along with meeting people and hanging out with his family.... SEE MORE

Business Manager

Dominic is our business manager and he is mainly responsible for co-ordinating client’s requests and our design works. With the background of management and sells, Dominic is also responsible for our business development and office administration.

Website Developer

Here comes our always in a calm and happy mood web developer, Kalun. What makes him really relaxed? The answer is playing games/watching videos and listening to music! Other than that, he loves travelling and having delicious food and spending time with his partner and family.

Web & Graphics Designer

Used to be obsessed with multimedia and interactivity, the official web & graphic designer who spends hours on the internet each day. He enjoys playing video games, watching movies (anime too) and learning all things new. He also prefers to stay up to date with the latest tech stuffs and most things internet.


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